Thursday, March 18, 2010

tip2 menghadiri temuduga..

am i too obvious excited dpt interview??

sorry la klu ada yg nmpk aku cm excited sgt pasal interview just nk share sket info yg aku dpt psl tip2 nk p interview..

10 things to do to to prepare for your very FIRST job interview - which is mean me..after 4 years..wink!

  1. research bout the company - done..
  2. research bout the position - done..
  3. prepare a list of all possible questions - not yet
  4. role play&practice - not yet
  5. know/learn about interviewers - not yet
  6. know the type of interview you will be facing - donno yet
  7. list ur own questions to them - still not yet
  8. prepare ur most updated resume and relevant documents -done..
  9. know the place of ur interview is - rabiah know dat place
  10. prepared to dress well - in progress
manyaknye x prepare lg...aish....still hv go wan salmi... :P

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